Interior Decoration Ideas

PRESTAPOOL's founder has created an innovative services offer based on his know how in the different Interior Architecture and Decoration fields on both the public and private markets.

Tertiary spaces

- Full service head office planning, fitting or refurbishment; office planning and fitting (execution of works); building entrances (reception areas, foyers, etc.); and standard and custom-designed office furniture.

Retail Outlets

 - Luxury store and shop fitting;
- Chain store, restaurant, and hotel foyer planning and fitting.

Residential spaces

- Creation of luxury residences and town houses;
- Full service turnkey building renovation;
- Full service company head office planning, fitting and refurbishment;
- Office planning and refurbishment (execution of works);
- Planning and fitting office desks and suites;
- Standard or custom-designed office furniture;
- Office building entrance planning (reception areas, foyers, etc.).