A message from the CEO

PRESTAPOOL specializes in architecture and interior decoration projects.
Various parameters have caused the definition of the market to evolve. The necessary optimization of budgets now makes it essential to clearly define objectives in advance. Creating tertiary and retail spaces requires taking a client's corporate identity into account in order to valorize their know-how and improve their productivity, retail outlets, image and corporate message.

This imposes a preliminary reflection involving a precise evaluation of needs, which then needs to be developed with the different decision-makers in a constant collaborative validation process.

In other words, the traditional pyramidal schema from client to contractor via the architect is by and large abandoned in favor of a system of working together to determine specific products.

This approach allows us to avoid the major difficulties that arise from the superposition of responsibilities and compartmentalization of skills, combined, naturally, with our determined quest to develop collaborative working methods. It is, in my opinion, the key to the sought-after optimization and coherence. The creation of a quality approach, based on an analysis of value and a constant desire to respect contractual deadlines, has guided our approach to the chain of tasks and the validation of the final product.

Consultations, decision-taking, works, and performance measures have thus enabled us to draw up an evaluative analysis chart that takes into account both general configuration and fittings needs and the specific needs of a given room. The image of a "photographic zoom" best sums up the necessary adjustments during the different stages of the project's planning and execution. That is why I have always felt that the preliminary definition of each task is essential for interior architect projects to be successfully carried to fruition, for any impasses will be implacably financially sanctioned at the implementation stage.

Let us remember, then, that quality - less onerous than poor quality - always guarantees the completion of a project, turning it into an accomplished tool at the service of our clients.

Our philosophy